Personalised Face Masks on STICKS! : Life-size

Turn your photos of friends and family into the funniest thing ever! Personalised Photo Face Masks are the latest fun addition to any party, Stag Do, Hen Night, Surprise Birthday, Retirement, Leaving do, Wedding, Graduation... whats your event? Imagine their face when they see themselves looking back at them, and not just one but umpteen of them. They're a great icebreaker, and are great props for many a memorable photo. For an even bigger laugh see our GIANT A3 size masks!

Masks are fully cut-out with or without eye-holes, it's your choice. If you'd prefer them on elastic please see our other personalised mask choices.

Masks printed on stiff 350g card and supplied with sticks. Self-assembly required, simply peel & stick!

1. Select the amount of masks you would like.
2. Click the PHOTO UPLOAD tab below.
3. Choose your image for your masks.
4. Answer Question 1- Who is it in the image?
5. Answer Question 2 - Date masks required?
7. CLICK Add to Cart to complete your order.

If you do have any problems please contact us.

Not sure if your image is good enough quality to enlarge? Please see our Image Tips! and if still unsure please feel free to forward it onto us via email or our contact page.

On ordering we will check your image for its suitability & quality, and offer our professional opinion. We will also forward an e-preview proof of your image enlarged to mask size for your final confirmation to produce.

Once your image is confirmed your order will be dispatched within 3 working days.

Prices are for all masks of the same image.

Click here for MASKS ON ELASTIC.

Click here for SUPER SIZE BIG A3 MASKS.

Need your masks yesterday, please drop us a line, we'll do all we can do, and we do also offer guaranteed next-day delivery to speed things up.

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£ 4.99

  • 1 MASK
  • 2 MASKS
  • 3 MASKS
  • 4 MASKS
  • 5 MASKS
  • 6 MASKS
  • 7 MASKS
  • 8 MASKS
  • 9 MASKS
  • 10 MASKS
  • 11 MASKS
  • 12 MASKS
  • 13 MASKS
  • 14 MASKS
  • 15 MASKS
  • 16 MASKS
  • 17 MASKS
  • 18 MASKS
  • 19 MASKS
  • 20 MASKS
  • 21 MASKS
  • 22 MASKS
  • 23 MASKS
  • 24 MASKS
  • 25 MASKS
  • 26 MASKS
  • 27 MASKS
  • 28 MASKS
  • 29 MASKS
  • 30 MASKS
  • 40 MASKS
  • 50 MASKS
  • 60 MASKS
  • 70 MASKS
  • 80 MASKS
  • 90 MASKS
  • 100 MASKS

Top 5 things to check, to get the best image for your masks :

1. The face to be used is looking straight at the camera.

2. An image with a file size greater than 500kb (The BIGGER the BETTER!)

3. The face to be used takes up the majority of the overall image (before any cropping!). Small faces within images can work still, but often have to be from big file sizes.

4. The face is not obscured by anything  eg. Someone elses hair, a hand or object.

5. The face appears clear,  with no bright or dark shadows across it.

Yes we can make masks of any image, but we will try our hardest to obtain the best image we can from you.

We will also enhance your image as best we can with software.

Try to avoid images from social media sites, as they are rarely high enough quality to enlarge. The problem is the images are compressed when uploaded and so then don't enlarge well.

If you are unsure if your image is high enough quality to use, then a good place to start is by zooming in on the image. If it starts to get very "blocky" and pixelated quickly, then it's unlikely to be high enough quality to enlarge. But we'll be happy to check it out for you.

At BIGhedz we want you to be HAPPY with your masks, and will give our professional opinion on your images suitability. You may replace your image as many times as is necessary, but the sooner we can confirm your image to use, the sooner we can dispatch your masks.

    Mask SizeA4 Little BIGhedz
    Length (approx)300mm
    Width (approx)220mm
    Depth (approx)2mm

Select your image, answer the required fields*, click SAVE to UPLOAD, then click "Add to Cart"
File Formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, Ai, PSD, eps




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