How to ensure your Personalised Face Masks are the best they can be!

BIGhedz Personalised Face Masks will make your upcoming event even more enjoyable, especially with our BIG A3 size masks. They need to be seen to be believed!

They're the perfect ice-breaker for any party or event!

Ideal for Weddings, Stag & Hen Do's, Birthdays, Retirements, Fund Raising, Leaving Do's, Graduations... whatever your event it'll be even better with BIGhedz! With our A3 BIGhedz we take masks to the next level...they're hilarious!

We'll take your images and turn them into your ready to wear masks within 72hrs!

Ordering is very easy, but the most critical part is selecting the perfect image for your masks. Ideally the face in your image will be forward facing, although a slightly side-on shot can still work.

Side-on shots should be avoided if possible for A4 Life-size masks, as the eyeholes need to be centralised to stop the masks appearing lop-sided when worn, and it also allows room to attach the elastic at the side of the eye. Side-on shots for BIG A3 masks work a little better than for A4, as there is more room to attach the elastic, and the larger face doesn't look lop-sided when worn as it covers up the whole of the face of the person wearing it.

The image file needs to be as large as possible to ensure the image is clear when enlarged. A file size above 500kb is advised, and ideally taken with a digital camera.  If the face takes up the majority of the overall image, then more often than not it will enlarge well. Small faces within images can work, but they often have to be from larger file sizes (2mb+).

Try to avoid using Facebook images as they lack quality when enlarged due to the fact they are compressed when originally uploaded.

Top 5 things to check to get the best image for your masks :

1. The face to be used takes up the majority of the overall image (before any cropping!).

2. An image with a file size greater than 500kb (The BIGGER the BETTER!)

3. The face to be used is looking straight at the camera.

4. The face is not obscured by anything  eg. Someone elses hair, A hand or object.

5. The face appears clear,  with no bright or dark shadows across it.

Yes we can make masks of any image, but we will try our hardest to obtain the best image we can!

If you are unsure if your image is high enough quality to use, then a good place to start is by zooming in on the image. If it starts to get very "blocky" and pixelated, then it's unlikely to be high enough quality.

At BIGhedz we want you to be HAPPY with your masks, and will give our professional opinion on your images suitability. You may replace your image as many times as is necessary.