Claudio Bravo : BIG A3 Size Card Face Mask City Manchester Goalkeeper Chile BIG View!

Claudio Bravo : BIG A3 Size Mask

Stand out from the Etihad crowd BIG style as Claudio Bravo.

Get behind Claudio and City as they aim to regain the Premiership title!

Wearing this mask though, whilst keeping goal will severely dent your chances of keeping the ball out! You'll then look more like Simon Mignolet!

Life-size masks are fun...but for double the hilarity it's got to be BIG A3!

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£ 4.99

Claudio Bravo : BIG A3 Size Card Face Mask.

A3 size card face mask, complete with eye-holes and elastic attached.

Our A3 masks are double the size of standard face masks, and are pure comedy genius.

    Mask SizeGIANT A3
    Length (approx)430mm
    Width (approx)305mm
    Depth (approx)2mm

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