DONALD TRUMP : Life-size Celebrity Card Face Mask. President of the United States of America. BIG View!

DONALD TRUMP : Life-size Face Mask

Stand out from the crowd bigtime... as DONALD TRUMP in a Life-size card celebrity face mask!

The American business magnate, author, investor, golfer, television personality, twitter tweeter and now the President of the United States of America! Now that's not fake news Donald. Go on make "America Great Again!", and when you've done that start making that wall... If you have time after all that golf, "Get in the hole!"

Our life size masks are ideal to add humour to many an event as a practical joke, and make great photo props for memorable moments with family and friends. They can also make a great gift for a hero worshipping celebrity fan. Masks come complete with an elastic strap attached and eye holes cut out.

If you like this you may like the BIG A3 version even more. BIG A3 sized masks are more than double the size and add even more hilarity!

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£ 2.99

Donald Trump celebrity face mask:

Life-size card face mask, complete with eye-holes and elastic attached.

If you like this, you may also like our  BIG A3 size face mask of Donald!

    Mask SizeLife-size
    Length (approx)300mm
    Width (approx)210mm
    Depth (approx)2mm

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